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Macro-Advisory is the leading independent strategic business consultancy in the Eurasia region. We are a completely independent Eurasia-based advisory firm, with a wide international reach and a clear commercial focus on the work we carry out for our clients.

Independent Local Commercial

We work with many of the world’s largest corporations and financial agencies and provide them with economic, political, industry and risk advice across all industry sectors and throughout the entire Eurasian region. Our clients include 80 multinationals, trade organisations and financial institutions working across the region.

Macro-Advisory collects and analyses primary-sourced intelligence on behalf of our clients. Our team is based in the region and have been first-hand observers to the often dramatic economic, political, and social changes that have taken place since the early 1990s. Our analysts understand how government and regulatory structures work, how processes are shaped and how decisions are made.

Our experience and expertise help our clients understand not only the industry and economic data, but also the whole environment in which they operate. That includes localization requirements, the impact of sanctions and how government contracts and procurement procedures work. This leads to better-informed strategic and tactical decision making.


Macro-Advisory is not part of a larger financial or industrial group. The company is wholly owned by senior management and is completely independent of any external pressures. It means we can provide our clients with clear and unbiased strategic analysis and advice.

We do not take market positions and are not seeking to sell assets. We do not promote government positions or lobby on behalf of industry or trade groups.  We are positioned as trusted advisors to our clients and help make the best decisions for the company and stakeholders.


Our team comprises of multi-disciplined experts who are based in Eurasia. Unlike others, we do not “fly-in” analysts with different disciplines, who rarely work together and barely know the region. Our team lives and works in the region and their relationships are both broad and deep.

Our network of contacts across all twelve Eurasia states supplements our experience and expertise and enables us to provide a strong and clear assessment of opportunities and risks for our clients.  We are best positioned to monitor changes across the region in terms of economics, industries, politics, and governance.


We understand that our clients need to make commercial decisions, both on a tactical and strategic basis. The advice we provide fully reflects that. We are not academics or investment bankers or political lobbyists. We combine all relevant information in one package and use that to support the recommendations and advice. 

We help our clients to cut through the perceptions and the noise in the region. Our role is to help them understand the real situation and context in any country or industry or in any specific situation which is directly relevant for them. 

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We monitor all books published about Russia and the other Eurasia states and highlight all those which are relevant for investors and those managing a business in the region. Every six months we provide a summary of the books published in the preceding period and update the recommended reading list under relevant categories.

Uzbekistan Investment Outlook

Uzbekistan is the most populous country in Central Asia. GDP has grown from $53 bln in 2018 to over $80 bln in 2023, and it remains one of the fastest expanding economies in the region. We help investors understand the business environment and identify opportunities across all major economic sectors.

Ukraine – Preparing for Recovery

Ukraine’s economy has been badly damaged since early 2022. But it is clear the country will get a huge amount of help from the EU, the U.S. and IFIs to rebuild. We help investors and multi-nationals to understand scenarios and to be ready for opportunities when conditions change.

21st Century Silk Road

A 21st Century version of the Silk Road is being built across the Caucasus and Central Asia, connecting not only these regions to China, Europe and the Indian Ocean but also greatly increasing regional connectivity and expanding trade opportunities for all states in the Eurasia region.

Russia Macro Overview

We provide our clients with regular updates covering current events, trends and forecasts for the Russian economy. We also presentation style updates covering big picture macro trends. These are updated for client briefings. Attached here is the copy used at a recent client briefing event.

Russia Guide

Russia is the world’s largest country. It is home to some of the planet’s most dramatic geography and the largest reserves of mineral and energy wealth. It also has complex social, political, and industrial structures. In this report, updated annually, we present a clear overview of what is Russia today and how it works.

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