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We work as trusted advisors to our clients

We provide relevant updates, alerts and opinions to management and decision makers. Macro-Advisory is the only Strategic Advisory firm to combine in-house expert economic, political, industry and risk analysis in one package.

Why Choose Us

We provide our clients with a one-stop source of tactical and strategic advice. We combine expertise and experience across all relevant areas which our clients and their stakeholders need to understand to be properly informed about the region.

Our local knowledge and contacts mean we provide unrivalled comprehensive due-diligence assessments, whether to address a specific issue or in connection with a planned expansion or acquisition.

We deliver both formal and informal briefings for regional management teams and those in Headquarters. While Boards may worry about many issues in individual countries or across the region, we make sure they stay focused on the right issues and help them properly understand the complete context.



We provide regular commentary and analysis covering the economies of all twelve Eurasia states plus Iran and Afghanistan. We maintain 3 -5-year forecasts, covering all important data points for each country.

Local politics

We keep our clients fully informed about all relevant political news and events across the Eurasia region and ensure they understand what changes, actual and proposed, mean for them and their industry.


Russia is rarely out of geopolitical headlines. The country has been subject to criticism and sanctions but also forms new trade and investment deals. All of which are directly relevant for investors. We cover these events very closely.


We provide detailed coverage of demographic and social changes across the region and assess what the trends means for government policy, actions, income growth, commercial opportunities for investors and potential political stability risks.


We cover all industry groups across the Eurasia region. This includes proving regular monitoring of news and actions affecting each industry and providing deep-dive due-diligence assessments of opportunities and risks.


ESG has become a topic of major importance for our clients and financial agencies across the region. We provide comprehensive coverage and analysis of these dynamic themes and focus on opportunities arising for our clients.

Geographic Coverage

Macro-Advisory work across the entire Eurasia region. This is a geography that stretches from the Arctic in the north to the deserts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the south.  It is a complex region, which is home to almost 300 million people, and which has a potential GDP value of US$3.2 trillion, based on the World Banks Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) methodology.

All the countries in the region are at different stages of economic, social, and political development. As a result, each has different challenges and opportunities for investors and businesses. It is also a region that is changing at a fast pace and creating more opportunities for investors.

Eurasia has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas and is a major supplier of hydrocarbon products. It is a significant exporter of industrial, precious, and rare earth minerals. Eurasia is home to the largest softwood forests and the biggest freshwater lake in the world. It also hosts vast swathes of arable land, which is also producing, and exporting, increasing volumes of agriculture products.

Eurasia shares borders with the European Union, the Middle East and Asia. Its most eastern point is less than 100 Kilometres from the United States. The geography has positioned Eurasia as the land-bridge for China’s Belt and Road (BRI) project to support the growing trade with Europe, the Middle East and Africa. India is planning a similar move with the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) which will eventually connect Mumbai with northern Europe via Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. This increased connectivity will help countries to attract more investors into industrial sectors that can benefit from being located near to such an extensive transport network.

Note: Our research library has reports covering the growth in the region’s transport networks and how this can benefit local economies and increase investment and business opportunities

Competitive Advantage

Macro-Advisory has several competitive advantages for our clients:

  • Our team of analysts live and work in the region. This allows us to observe first hand all changes taking place and to understand what they mean for our client’s businesses.

  • Our senior analysts have each been in the region for more than twenty-five years and have unique experience of the often dramatic changes that have taken place in that period.

  • Our reports combine all information relevant for the decision makers we work with. Our analysis, conclusions and recommendations combine the inputs from economics, politics, risk-assessment, geopolitics, industry trends, regulatory issues and all else that is relevant for our clients to make the best-informed tactical and strategic decisions.

  • We have an extensive list of local contacts within government, regulatory and industry bodies. This helps us to better understand what is happening, and what to expect, in any given situation.