Belarus: The investment case is also in transition

Transition has started. While the timing and sequence are uncertain, it appears obvious that the process of political transition has started. The question is when, and how, the elites and security forces will act. Moscow can be expected to exert a great deal of influence, a fact not lost on the protestors who have avoided blaming Moscow.

Smart Technology Belarus August 2018

This is the second of a six-part series of introductions to Smart City programs, which have been launched, or which are planned, across the CIS-Eurasia region. Other reports in the series look separately at programs in the Caucuses, Ukraine, and Russia and also across the Central Asia region. These reports aim to only provide an overview of existing smart city and technology projects and of current state and future plans for developing “e-” and technology projects in each of
the countries across the region.

Eurasia Belarus Snapshot

GDP. Growth expanded to 3.5% in 2018 but is expected to slow (moderately) this year, and in the coming years, partly because of the base-effect, but also due to tighter monetary conditions and the loss of some Russian energy subsidies.