Smart Technology Caucasus August 2018

This is the first in a series of introductions to Smart City programs which have been launched, or which are planned, across the CIS-Eurasia region. Other reports in the series will look separately at programs in Belarus, Ukraine, and
Russia, and also across the Central Asia region. These reports aim only to provide an overview of existing smart city and technology projects and of current and future State plans for developing “e-” and technology projects in each of the countries across the region.

Eurasia Georgia Snapshot

GDP. The economy is expected to post growth of 5% for the last year and should stay close to that level for several years ahead. The key drivers of growth are the expansion in such sectors as tourism and transport services plus the rise in worker remittances. The main vulnerability is the cost of imported energy and contagion from a volatile Turkish lira.

Country Profile Georgia 2015

Declining growth. Georgia’s economy is suffering from the fallout of Russia’s recession and the ruble devaluation along with most other economies in the CIS and Eurasia region. GDP is expected to slow to growth of between 2 and 2.5% this year, from almost 5% in 2014.