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Our Services

We help our clients to make clear commercial, tactical and strategic decisions

We provide relevant updates, alerts and opinions to management and decision makers. This is with both a regular flow of economic, industry and political reports and with ad-hoc thematic reports and alerts which are relevant for companies working across the Eurasia region.

We work with clients using several formats and across different platforms. It means we can provide clients with a range of service supports, from written updates and occasional briefings to detailed bespoke reporting, regular briefings and 24/7 support. Our reports are mailed directly in electronic format and are available in the research library, depending on the client’s user access.

We operate a one client policy. This means that clients may add as many corporate emails to the research mail list and library access as they wish, regardless of geography or function within the client organisation.

Our range of services break into these three main categories.


This is a subscription-based service which gives clients access to all general reports published for all the Eurasia states. These reports provide news and data updates, trend analysis and opinion for:

  • Macro-economics
  • Politics, both domestic and relevant geopolitical issues
  • Industries
  • Some thematic updates, such as ESG reviews
  • Social and demographic trends

Clients who are subscribed to this service can access all historically published reports in the Research Library and filed under relevant country or sector categories.

This service also provides invitations to our formal client briefings and access to our analysts for occasional in-person and online updates.

Clients subscribed to this service may request bespoke project or due-diligence work, subject to a separate agreement based on the scope of the project and the time plus resources required.

Retainer Services

Clients who opt for a Retainer Service will receive all the reports available under the Basic Consulting subscription. In addition, they will receive:

Bespoke regular reports which specifically focus on the client’s area of interest. The frequency of these reports and the breath and depth of the coverage will be subject to agreement with each client in advance.

Macro-Advisory analysts will carry out follow up analysis and provide further commentary on any of the topics reported on in the bespoke reports.

Retainer Clients have much greater access to our analysts and have the option for a higher frequency of meetings, briefings, and presentation, both formal and informal.

Strategic Advisory

Macro-Advisory regularly carries out strategic project work across all macro and industry sectors throughout the Eurasia region. These assignments help the client to understand:

  • The growth path expected for an industry or other topic.
  • The opportunities for the client within the expected trend.
  • Competitor positions, actions and expected future changes.
  • All regulatory, pricing and cost expectations, including several alternative scenarios.

In addition, we provide, on a bespoke basis:

  • Due-diligence work covering individuals, enterprises, regulatory agencies.
  • Decision making mapping so that clients clearly understand the process driving any decision-making process of interest to them, including identifying who are the key influencers and who are the decision makers.


Macro-Advisory is not part of a larger financial or industrial group. The company is wholly owned by senior management and is completely independent of any external pressures. It means we can provide our clients with clear and unbiased strategic analysis and advice.

We do not take market positions and are not seeking to sell assets. We do not promote government positions or lobby on behalf of industry or trade groups.  We are positioned as trusted advisors to our clients and help make the best decisions for the company and stakeholders.


Our team comprises of multi-disciplined experts who are based in Eurasia. Unlike others, we do not “fly-in” analysts with different disciplines, who rarely work together and barely know the region. Our team lives and works in the region and their relationships are both broad and deep.

Our network of contacts across all twelve Eurasia states supplements our experience and expertise and enables us to provide a strong and clear assessment of opportunities and risks for our clients.  We are best positioned to monitor changes across the region in terms of economics, industries, politics, and governance.


We understand that our clients need to make commercial decisions, both on a tactical and strategic basis. The advice we provide fully reflects that. We are not academics or investment bankers or political lobbyists. We combine all relevant information in one package and use that to support the recommendations and advice. 

We help our clients to cut through the perceptions and the noise in the region. Our role is to help them understand the real situation and context in any country or industry or in any specific situation which is directly relevant for them.