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Macro-Advisory provides clients with the most comprehensive coverage of all relevant topics

We provide regular and extensive coverage of macroeconomics, politics, social trends, the business environment and for all major industry sectors, for all counties across Eurasia.

Client reports are divided into two categories: general issue updates and bespoke reports. In the first category, clients receive regular updates based on their level of subscription. Reports prepared on a bespoke basis are exclusively for the commissioning client and are not circulated elsewhere.

All of our general issue reports are available to clients by direct email send, on the day of issue, and later via the extensive research library portal. Clients can access reports specified in their subscription agreement under theme (e.g., macroeconomics, politics, industry groups, etc) and by country.

Access is granted via the Reports Library button or if you do not have a subscription click on Request Trial Access button and complete the form.

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We monitor all books published about Russia and the other Eurasia states and highlight all those which are relevant for investors and those managing a business in the region. Every six months we provide a summary of the books published in the preceding period and update the recommended reading list under relevant categories.

Uzbekistan Investment Outlook

Uzbekistan is the most populous country in Central Asia. GDP has grown from $53 bln in 2018 to over $80 bln in 2023, and it remains one of the fastest expanding economies in the region. We help investors understand the business environment and identify opportunities across all major economic sectors.

Ukraine – Preparing for Recovery

Ukraine’s economy has been badly damaged since early 2022. But it is clear the country will get a huge amount of help from the EU, the U.S. and IFIs to rebuild. We help investors and multi-nationals to understand scenarios and to be ready for opportunities when conditions change.

21st Century Silk Road

A 21st Century version of the Silk Road is being built across the Caucasus and Central Asia, connecting not only these regions to China, Europe and the Indian Ocean but also greatly increasing regional connectivity and expanding trade opportunities for all states in the Eurasia region.

Russia Macro Overview

We provide our clients with regular updates covering current events, trends and forecasts for the Russian economy. We also presentation style updates covering big picture macro trends. These are updated for client briefings. Attached here is the copy used at a recent client briefing event.

Russia Guide

Russia is the world’s largest country. It is home to some of the planet’s most dramatic geography and the largest reserves of mineral and energy wealth. It also has complex social, political, and industrial structures. In this report, updated annually, we present a clear overview of what is Russia today and how it works.

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