Christopher J. Weafer

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Weafer has worked in the Eurasia region for over twenty years and has been regularly voted the best business and investment strategist in polls conducted by Thomson Reuters Extel and Institutional Investor magazine. 

Before leaving to set up Macro-Advisory in late 2013, Christopher held the position of Chief Strategist at Sberbank-CIB and before that held similar positions with Uralsib Financial Corporation and Alfa Bank. His first position in Russia was with Troika Dialog in early 1998.

Prior to working in Eurasia, he worked as Head of Research for NatWest in Bangkok during the Asian financial crisis of 1997/98. Before that he was Senior Investment Manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority for seven years.

Christopher is the author of a wide variety of published articles about Russia, the Eurasia region, and global energy. He is an advisor to the Beijing based Mencius Foundation and is ambassador for the Foundation in the Eurasia region. He is a board member of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. 

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